Wednesday, March 25, 2020

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The Real Meaning of a Carpenter's Tools


Dear Friend,

 As the world celebrates the birth of Jesus who came in physical form on planet Earth over 2000 years ago, it is about time to re-look at the outlook he once gave his Father while assisting him in the carpenter workshop, on the real meaning of the tools they used for work.

 Jesus told his Father that these tools reminded him of the ones we handle in the workshop of the mind where things were made of thought and where we built up character. 

The Square and Compass


We should use the Square to measure all our lines, to straighten the crooked places of the way, and make the corners of our conduct square. The Compass is to be used to draw circles around our passions and desires to keep them in the bounds of righteousness.


The Axe, Hammer and Plane


With the Axe we should cut away the knotty, useless and ungainly parts of our thoughts and physical body, to make our character and appearance symmetrical. We should use the hammer to drive home this truth and pound it in until it becomes a part of our every part. With the Plane we should smoothen the uneven surfaces of joint and block and board that go to build the temple for the truth. Likewise, we should use the Chisel, the Line, the Plummet, and the Saw in the workshop of the Mind to fine-tune our thoughts and cut off the negative aspects to understand the reality of our existence on Earth and who we really are, and the extent of our unlimited possibilities.


The Ladder


The Ladder with its trinity of steps: Faith, Hope and Love should be used to climb to the dome of purity in life, and to ascend higher and higher until we reach the pinnacle of that which life is spent to build - 'The Temple of Perfected Man'.

 I sincerely hope you will find the true use of these tools of a Carpenter by understanding the real meaning behind the teachings of Jesus. He was simply showing us how to build the Temple of Perfected Man by using these tools to perfect our very own 'Human Body'. He made this absolutely clear with many other 'Parables', like, The Human Body is the Temple of God, The Kingdom of God is within you, Seek and you will find it, And then the Truth will set you Free.

 If you are indeed ready to find the truth and become free, there is no better time than Now, not tomorrow or day after, or next Christmas.

 Now means 'Right Now'.

 And what better way to begin by using these tools and making your 'Body', that is, your Health - your first priority in all the things that you do every day. 

 All the best for 'Now' - the only eternal ever-lasting Truth.

 Gurdip Hari,

Author, Healer & Health-Reformer   



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